The web application properly and completely tested is termed as Application Testing. The Application limits and features are also tested under the application testing. Before the customers avail of the web applications, all the scenarios must be well executed. Scripts by which the system runs with collect results and a collection of parameters mainly drives the Application Testing.

Most of the web applications have Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), which is a bit difficult when it comes to Application Testing. Our professional team of experts is experienced at the Application Testing of GUI hence your company can be rest assured of our valuable application testing services offered with the best quality and at an excellent cost-effective price. The types of application testing include performance testing, functional testing, compatibility testing, regression testing and unit testing. The Application Testing Team of HIREPHPPROGRAMMER.COM is experienced in the application testing as mentioned below:

GUI Application Testing (For Windows and UNIX)
XML-based Application Testing
Java Application Testing
CD-ROM Testing
WAP Application Testing
N-tier Client-server Application Testing
Oracle Application Testing

Application Testing enables businesses in adopting new technologies while the risks associated with the ongoing changes are eliminated. The Application Testing with different technologies supports its older versions along with the latest versions being used. The application testing is beneficial in several ways such as its comprehensiveness, scalability, predictability and cost-effectiveness. All these enable the application testing procedure in a positive manner.

The application security testing services are also offered to our clients. These are provided for measuring the security of COTS software, analyzing the internally developed applications, reviewing offshore codes before accepting them, achieving compliance with certain standards like PCI, FISMA, GLBA, SOX, etc. and also for developing secure web applications.

The application testing must consider certain important features during the application testing process like application testing duration, baselines for test setup, minimization of requests during testing, setting an appropriate time, etc. We have the best team of professionals who are working on your application testing aspect such that it provides you with the maximum benefit compared to the other companies in the industry. We help you achieve your goals in an effective and efficient manner and thus guide your company in its path to success. Every step taken during the application testing process is discussed earlier with our clients before putting them into action.

To know more about our application testing services, contact us and we will definitely get to you within 24 hours.