Application Migration is termed as a process of migrating or moving from one operating environment to another operating environment. For example, from Windows NT Server to Windows 2000 Server. In such cases, the new features are exploited but the old settings do not require any changes. Before the Application Migration, it is very essential to carry out application testing so that they are compatible with the new operating system. The expert professionals of our company, HIREPHPPROGRAMMER.COM offer you the best Application Migration solutions.

Nowadays, the business world is fast changing and hence it becomes extremely necessary for companies to update their applications with the latest technologies. The Application Migration concept enables in moving the applications of our clients’ company to modern platforms equipped with the latest designs and patterns yet retaining the traditional goals and achievements.

The application migration team of our company is well prepared to face the challenges of application migration with the required set of skills. We have the best team of professionals who look into the details of the application migration services. We enable in a smooth migration of the application without hindering the basic features of the business as well as keeping aside the valuable data. The basic application migration needs are very properly known by our team officials and thus they accordingly work in a manner that delivers the most reliable and useful output.

Application Migration is generally done to extend the application life, enable in meeting the current and future business demands, modernize the applications to the full advantage, reduce the deployment costs and cost of ownership, leverage investments in the Oracle technology, avoid obsolescence and de-support of older versions. The general application migration services offered by our company are migration assessment, application porting, application upgrade, application re-engineering, data migration and technology migration.

The migration assessment services offered are application rationalization, migration strategy definition, inventory identification, optional POC whereas the application porting means to port an application to a new operating system or database. The application upgrade services are database version, language version, OS version, tools version and product scripting whereas the application re-engineering services are for new business functionality, optional maintenance support and full re-development. The data migration services include data cleansing, data migration and schema migration and the technology migration includes the language migration, database migration, user interface migration and OS migration.

The main application migration services are as follows:
Java Migration
Net Migration
Oracle Migration
Database Migration

Our highly experienced team officials serve our clients and provide them the details of every type of application migration. Your company will benefit with a reduction in the overall cost, increased agility, increased productivity, faster processing and minimized disruption to the continuity of business, easy adaptable systems, increased security and a golden chance to exploit new opportunities. Excellent Application migration solutions can be available from our expert team.

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