HIREPHPPROGRAMMER.COM is an IT company based in India specializing in application development services, application testing services, application maintenance services and application migration services. High quality services at cost-effective prices are the main aim of our company’s policy. Our company follows a well-defined application maintenance process, which allows effective reports of maintenance requests.
The application maintenance services offered by our company are as follows:
Application Support
Design Updates
Upgrades and Patches
Review of Codes
Technical Support
Detailed Fault Analysis
Maintenance Analysis
Documentation Analysis
Service level agreement based support
Maintenance of Application Systems

Depending on the status of the application requests available, various job responsibilities are properly divided between the organizations. We also offer a detailed report of our Application Management Methodology during the application maintenance procedure. Through our application maintenance services, our company professionals enable your company in reducing its total cost of ownership, improving the application stability, drive continuous improvements in the quality of services and in reducing the support costs, which enables the customers in investing in the business strategic initiatives of our clients’ company.

Outsourcing of Application Maintenance services to our company is also acceptable. Our application maintenance outsourcing process supports ISO, CMM and CMMI frameworks. Our team manages application maintenance methodology for various projects in Decision Support System, E-Commerce, Web technologies and ERP. Standard Tools are used for our project purpose. The benefits availed through the application maintenance services are reduction in maintenance costs, increase in predictability, improved knowledge management, cost variability and proper alignment with the industry trends.

Before going for the application maintenance, our technicians and expert professionals understand the business domain, the technology details, different processes and applications; optimize and then align the structures in order to lead to proper delivery of improved application support. The applications have optimal gear in providing rapid responses that will lead to key change requests and business requests through our minimum downtime and volatility. We fully ensure that our clients have easy application maintainability. Our maintenance team manages and optimizes the overgrown applications.

The excellent technology and domain expertise enables in improving our maintenance abilities. We improve the stability and efficiency of critical applications and refocus on strategic initiatives by the maintenance and enhancement of business applications. Our team members ensure that the quality of services is of the highest quality. In case of growth of the business, the demand for the applications increases and this will ensure the stability.

Get in touch with us to know more about our Application Maintenance services in detail. We look forward to undertake many projects with your company.