Application Development
Application Development is a term that involves iterative development and construction of prototypes. Using latest and state-of-the-art technologies in the Application Development helps in the creation of powerful solutions that focuses mainly on enhancing customer relations, increase in revenue opportunities and create new competitive advantages.
The main services in application development include the following:
Custom Application Development
Custom Application Enhancement
Web enabled Legacy Applications
Re-Engineering of Existing Web Applications
Data Migration of Legacy Application to Modern technology platforms
Business Intelligence Solutions
E-Business Solutions
Customer Relationship Management Solutions

A variety of application development tools such as COGNOS, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft are used by our web programmers and web developers. Improving the quality and speed of reporting and decision-making with the help of creation of solutions that has a unified view of the data is possible as part of the business intelligence solutions. Some of the various e-business solutions include internet strategy development, e-business development, internet solutions, intranet solutions, portal solutions, etc. The e-business solutions offered by our professionals enable you in getting closer to the customers and aims at a long-term profitable growth.

Aiming towards better customer relations and increase in revenue enables us in creating excellent application development solutions. Interactive networking and document interfacing technologies are some of the advantages received through better software designing. Our programmers and developers also enable your company in reducing its cost of application maintenance and enhancement. A CRM solution that suits your business needs is the focus of our team experts. These CRM solutions strengthen the customer relations, business relations and investors’ relations. Our company, HIREPHPPROGRAMMER.COM offers you customizations, enhancements, integration, end-to-end implementations, case studies, etc. for proper CRM investment.

The technology focus areas for application development include expertise in the development of operating systems such as unix, windows, etc.; databases such as oracle, DB2, Sybase, MS SQL, Teradata, etc. ; application servers such as IBM Websphere, Oracle, etc. ; enterprise architecture such as J2EE, .NET, VB, VC++, C, C++, etc. The benefits of application development procedure include well-matured processes and methodologies, flexible global delivery model, decrease in defects and short turnaround time.

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