PEAR means PHP Extension and Application Repository. It is a framework and distribution system for PHP components that can be reusable and are of high quality and which is available in the form of packages.

Pear PHP Programming will help you in increasing your productivity and improving your skills on the use of covered packages. Hence, powerful Pear PHP programming packages are used for maximizing your PHP development productivity for accessing and displaying data, handling dates, working with XML and Web Services, and accessing Web APIs.
The essential tasks of PHP development mentioned below can be done very easily with the help of the Pear packages.
Accessing databases
Displaying data in a range of formats (HTML, Excel spreadsheet, PDF)
Creating and pursuing in XML documents
Serializing PHP objects into XML and vice versa
Consuming and offering web services
Accessing Web APIs including Google, Yahoo, etc.

Pear PHP Programming is very popular in the PHP Programming language nowadays and hence the various techniques of Pear PHP Programming is widely used by our company, HIREPHPPROGRAMMER.COM. Pear is a framework and distribution system for PHP codes components. Pear is the technique which makes re-use of the codes that performs the most common functions. A structured library of codes, maintaining a system for distributing codes, managing code packages and promoting a standard coding style are part of our Pear PHP Programming services.

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In short, PEAR is a framework and a distribution system along with a collection of classes. You could easily find a class of your choice with the help of PEAR. Hence in case of any query or to get a free quote from us, contact us immediatel