Data migration is the process of transferring data between storage types, formats, or computer systems. Data Migration is required for changing the computer systems, for upgrading the new computer systems, or for merging of systems. For effective data migration procedure, the older system data is mapped to the new system, which provides design for data extraction and data loading.

Before a new system is deployed, data migration phases such as data design, data extraction, data cleansing, data loading and data verification are repeated many times. Often databases are out of sync with their supportive applications and hence it is challenge for the database migrators to get the database and the data into a known state. The database migrators of our company are experts and highly experienced in this field of expertise.

Data Migration from one version to the other involves various areas to be explored and worked on. Changes such as operating system changes, scheme modification changes and other related applications are also important in case of database migration. Some of the aspects looked on during the database migration process is manually applying changes to the database, not sharing database changes with the other members, multiple inconsistent approaches to applying database changes, ineffective manual mechanisms for managing database changes from one version to the next version.
Database Migration is possible to several technologies as mentioned below:
Database Migration to MySQL
Database Migration to Oracle
Database Migration to PostgreSQL
Database Migration to HP Neo View
Database Migration to Microsoft SQL Server
Database Migration to IBM DB2
Database Migration to MS Access

Some of the benefits for database migration are a flexible open and extensible migration process, ensures data integrity with no loss of data, migrates data deployed on different platforms like windows, linux or unix. It also offers a mechanism for the verification of the migrated data and provides an approach that is uniform in nature. With the help of GUI, it is very easy to install and use the databases. Certain features of the data migration tools are it supports the migration of data across Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL server, Sybase, MySQL, MS Access and PostgreSQL; further it supports the migration of data from Excel and CSV files, tables, indexes, it also supports features for Schema and Data transformation, stored procedures, functions and triggers. The basic database migration combinations supported are SQL Server to SQL Server, Oracle to Oracle, DB2 to DB2 and Sybase to Sybase.

The Database Migration tools offered by our company enable you in creating, copying, moving, upgrading, filtering, restructuring tables and data from one data to another database. Our team of professionals also conducts adding new database to an existing database. Our company experts for the success of your company’s affairs also offer Database Migration Solutions. Complex Business Logic, Large Data Volumes, ERP Databases, Replication, Synchronization, Multi-DB Support, etc. are the major Data Migration Solution Services offered by our database migration team.

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