The entire design and management of the database can be termed as Database Administration. It generally includes developing, maintaining, archiving, consistency checks, retrieval functions, etc. Database Administration can be termed as a function wherein proper managing and maintaining of database management systems (DBMS) is undertaken. The Database Management System involves around technologies such as Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.

Specialized Database Administrators are mainly responsible for the work of Database Administration. A database administrator (DBA) looks into the detailed job description, corporate and information technology policies. The technical features and capabilities of the database management system is also been keenly administered. Recovering the backups and testing of backups, performance analysis and tuning, database design, data dictionary maintenance, etc. is certain aspects taken care of by the database administrator.

HIREPHPPROGRAMMER.COM have highly qualified, professionally skilled and greatly experienced database administrators for the successful database administration. Our database administrators are experts in the configuration of hardware and software along with the system administrator. This will enable in optimal functioning with the Database Management System.

Proper monitoring and administering of the DBMS security is the top priorities of our database administrator. The security administration involves adding and removing users, administering quotas, auditing and checking security based problems. Excellent data integrity, security administration, availability and performance of the databases, development and testing support enables in the efficient utilization of the database. Data Analysis includes analyzing of data stored in database and preparing recommendations depending on the performance and efficiency of the data storage.

Database Design and Data Modeling and Optimization are important aspects of Database Administration. There are three main types of database administration, which are as follows:
System Administrators
Development Administrators
Application Administrators

System Administrators focus on the physical aspects of DBMS such as DBMS installation, configuration, patching, upgrades, backups, performance optimization, maintenance, etc. The Development Administrators focus on the logical and development aspects of DBMS such as data model design, data model maintenance, SQL writing and tuning, coding stored procedures, data definition language, etc. Finally, the Application Administrators focus on the enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management.

We have database administrators who are greatly responsible in various aspects such as installation, configuration, upgrading of server softwares, maintaining backup and recovery policies and procedures, database design and implementation, maintaining of database security, database tuning, performance monitoring, application tuning, maintaining of documentation and standards.

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